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Interview Prep Sheet


Make sure you know what the company does. Nothing kills an interview faster than not being able to answer the question, "in your words, what is it that you think we do?"

review company website
do research on the company
have an answer for the above question

Know the job description

read over the job and recall where/when you gained the experience requested
recall specific examples of work that you’ve done that's comparable
will help with better recall of this important information at the needed time

Make sure you know your own strengths and weaknesses

write down 5 strengths (be able to discuss them)
write down 2 weaknesses (be able to discuss how you learned from them)

Write down two significant accomplishments as that relate to the position

be able to discuss the details around these
try to have one individual example and one team oriented example

Prepare some good, pertinent questions

avoid questions about vacation or sick time
position questions that will allow you to then describe some important related projects you’ve worked on. See examples below.

Ask for the job

ask if your accomplishments seem relevant to the requirements of the job
state that you are interested and would like to know what the next steps are
this will set you apart from candidates of equal skill that do not do this

Make sure you have few copies of your resume and a folder to take notes
Make sure you are clear on Date, Time and Directions

Make sure you have detailed and confirmed directions with you
Confirm date and time

Make sure you know who you are meeting with

who to ask for upon arrival
names and titles of the interviewers

You can’t be overdressed for an interview

You have one shot to look and sound impressive: take it!

A few question examples:
1. What does the person in this job need to do to be considered successful?
2. What could I show or tell you right now that would convince you that I am the one for the job?
3. What's the biggest problem that needs to be addressed right away?
4. How have you developed your team members?